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  • Buffalo Maciocia farms owns one of the most important buffalo herd in Canada
  • The farm is located in St-Charles sur le Richelieu, on the South Shore of Montreal.
  • The herd originated from Woodstock Vermont and was brought to Quebec in 2009;
  • The herd consists of 500 buffalos including 150 who are milking;
  • There are very few milking buffalo herds in North America
  • The main countries that produce Water Buffalo milk are India, Pakistan and Italy
  • Water Buffalo milk falls second for the most produced milk in the world after cows milk;
  • The buffalos generate a savory milk rich in fat and protein
  • Water Buffalo’s milk is tolerated by many individuals who are lactose intolerant
  • Water Buffalo milk is well known for its production of Mozzarella di Bufala;
  • The Mozzarella and Yogurt are produced at Fromagerie Polyethnique , in St Robert, Quebec.
  • Fromagerie Polyethenque is a Federal inspected plant, certified FSSC 22000.

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A typical Quebec mozzarella – “L'Épicerie” episode by Radio-Canada

The buffalo milk mozzarella is common in Italy. A fresh cheese of unsurpassed softness, now manufactured in Quebec!

(Journalist: Johane Despins / director: Stephanie Allaire / research journalist: Flore Saget)

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Radio-Canada – “La semaine verte” episode mentions us!

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The buffalo mozzarella is available Thursday through Sunday

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